Friday, February 17, 2012

Quasimodo - paint

The painting of these masks, usually happens quite quickly, and sometimes, but not always I'll have an idea of what I want the colours to reflect about the mask.

The first mask 'A Happy Fellow' I knew I wanted bright colours into black, but with this one, because it was based on a character from literature, I knew I wanted it to reflect that character honestly. Doing some reading on Quasimodo and who he is I wanted something ugly, but that still showed the inspiration that he still maintained and embodied. His ability to learn despite his various maladies, some of which are natural, and some of which have been given to him from simply the passing of his life.

So now I ask, is this Ugly? Beautiful? Inspiring? Defeating? Morose? or Intriguing?

Only one more step, and that is to seal it in Tremclad, then it'll be posted to Etsy!

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