Monday, February 27, 2012


Gesso! this is the first layer so there's still a lot of work to do with making it smoother, especially around the edges, but I'm happy with how the character has come through in the mouth and cheeks.

I keep playing with the order of operation with the masks, in order to determine how to make the strongest mask. This time I have started to Gesso before I pull the mask off, allowing the mask's papier machee to fully set and strengthen up.

I have found that using this oil based clay to be a little problematic, for this strengthening actually. The oil clay when warmed sweats, and in finding ways to speed the drying of the paper (with heat) it causes the clay to become wet, making the paper weaker.

Perhaps all I need to learn is patience...

Another element that I have introduced with this mask that I haven't had much of before is a real undercut that might compromise getting the mask off it's mold, so stay tuned for that, the pull off is coming up soon!

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