Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who finished?

To say that I was 100% happy with any of my own work would be a fabrication, there is always something that doesn't sit quite right, but from that I learn.

With this mask however, I have learned many... many... many things, there is a lot in this mask that I am not satisfied with, and things that I am going to try and improve on. I'm thinking that I will even put this up for a bit less than I usually would charge in my Etsy store just because I couldn't feel responsible asking for my usual amount.

There are things which I am happy with in this mask, I feel that the layers of colours in the skin tone has worked, I am working on how to apply a spatter pattern with an airbrush compressor that doesn't provide as much power as I would like. Also to be more mindful about how to lay the paper more effectively when constructing the mask.

The commission mask is coming up next! stay tuned!

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