Monday, March 12, 2012

Papier Machee Cake!

I didn't disappear!!

Wow... ok... been a few days. Been a busy person, in a number of areas, but now I'm back and I have an update on the latest, Ogre mask...

Yes... I shit you not, the oven. I am baking paper, on clay... with chocolate chips inside...

ok no... no chocolate chips, that'd be awful and a good waste of chocolate, and I'd have to pick them out of the clay later.

The reason for this insanity is to try and dry out the glue that has been impregnated into the paper around the mask. The next step is to pry this mask off it's form which might prove more interesting than previous attempts. I had such failure with the cracking on the last mask, and despite my attempts to repair it, I decided to for-go the use of a 'resist' on the clay before laying down the paper.

This new removal of a step has so far worked, the paper does not show signs of weakness right now and no major rippling has occurred which was something that was the downfall of the last one.

Up next is a new commission for a bit more of a larger project... pictures once the sculpt has started...

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