Monday, March 12, 2012

Repairs, preperations, and ... paper...

The Ogre mask is getting there.

The Oven worked well to solidify the paper, but the lack of Vaseline did not....

The paper of the mask ripped a bit in the removal from the clay, which is not idea, but because this is paper, it's simple to repair. A little more time with the machee some small pieces of paper, and some tape and it's more or less taken care of.

This one also has a newer feature, because I know that this mask will be worn, and will be used in a performance, I decided to add some metal into the edges of the mask where the ribbon will be attached to travel around the head.

still have a way to go on this mask, some sanding, gesso, and paint, but this one is turning out really really well compared to the last one, no buckling like the Who mask!

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